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crystal water bottle - Lucile Shop
crystal water bottle - Lucile Shop
crystal water bottle - Lucile Shop
crystal water bottle - Lucile Shop
crystal water bottle - Lucile Shop
crystal water bottle - Lucile Shop

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crystal water bottle

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crystal water bottle 
  • Some love them for their look others love them for their properties: Whether or not you are a believer of crystal healing you can be sure you will love the look and feel of these beautifully crafted, premium-quality crystal water bottles.
  • Extremely versatile: The bottles are suited for everyday use or for use during physical/spiritual activities. Bring it with you wherever you go!
  • Safe & non-toxic: You can have peace of mind knowing that our bottles are completely non-toxic and safe to use for mixing with water.

Please allow at least 10 minutes for the water to infuse with the crystal stones so you can experience the pure taste & feel of the crystal.

Follow your intuition to see which crystal you are most drawn towards & learn about their specific purpose, according to "crystal healing believers" :

Amethyst: Natural stress reliever with healing properties that rid negative energy and promote calm, balance, and peace.

Black Obsidian: Harnesses confidence, strength and unleashes infinite possibilities. Promotes awareness and clarity of the mind.

Citrine: This golden, yellowish radiant stone encourages positivity, fresh beginnings, and new pursuits.

Clear Quartz: Clear quartz crystals are known as “master healing crystals,” crystals that can be used to promote healing of any condition that they are needed for.

Rose Quartz: A stone of the heart, a crystal of unconditional Love. It is a very soothing and calming stone known to open you up to both giving & receiving love.

Smoky Quartz: A stone of protection and power. Perfect for the ambitious woman or man.

- Fluorite: Acts as an energetic vacuum cleaner, cleansing your mind, body, spirit, and space of stress, negativity, anxiety, and other negative energies. It is one of the most underrated, yet powerful crystals for energy cleaning.


  Your package will include:

- 1 * Crystal elixir water bottle (crystal included)

- Capacity: Approximately 18 oz of liquid 
- Weight: 1 lb
- Liquid: Intended for use with water
- Material of bottle: Borosilicate glass


Read an article on Vanity Fair :

"How Crystal Water Bottles Became 2018’s Status Symbol"


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