How Do You Make gem elixir water bottle

gem elixir water bottle?


How Do You Make Gem Elixir With Crystal Water Bottle

Better than seltzer or sparkling water, gem elixirs give holistic benefits that offer total body care. Heck, it’s the easiest gemstone prop for rituals such as infusions. Zero work and no extra purchases, a water bottle pre-fixed with gemstones of your choice are exactly what you dream of. Can you imagine the type of elixirs you can make on your own? Forget buying gem elixir at crazy rates. I will tell you all about how to make gem elixir with a crystal water bottle at your home!

How is a Crystal Water Bottle made?

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Crystals can penetrate into your skin cells when you massage the skin with the stone. Even pointing at the chakra points work well. However, the effects of an elixir are no less of a miracle. Unlike holding your crystal, crystal infusions enter deep into the cells, quickly. You don’t need to keep the water with the stone in for hours, akin to a bowl to make the water bottle work.

We’ve got our hands on the best water bottle, ergonomically designed to include gemstone wands or points. When you pour the water into the bottle, it comes in contact with the crystal energies. That’s all you have to do! All the rest of the miracles are whipped about by the water bottle itself!

A gemstone water bottle is made of glass and steel with the base fixture with the stone of your choice. The eco-convenient bottle takes a few minutes to infuse because of its multiple facets.

What are the Uses of a Gemstone Water Bottle?

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With the earliest recollection of gemstones coming from Sumerian civilization, 6000 years ago, we know there are many crystal rituals passed through history that we haven’t tried yet. The important point is, this infusion of crystals with a water bottle made of your favorite crystal WORKS!

The crystal bottle is not made entirely out of crystals. It has a healing crystal within it. Why would you want a whole new bottle?

·      Make Elixir without a Mess

When you’re making a gem tonic in a Tibetan singing bowl with the help of full moonlight, transfer and pouring the elixir can make quite a mess. Why waste time, energy and elixir, when you can do it all for less?

·      Deep Action Than Other Crystal Shapes

We all know how different types of crystals work according to their shapes, that’s why there is value due to crystal water bottle too. When you infuse the crystal energy into the water filled in the gem bottle, you absorb more energy while drinking the water as the dilution is already complete. From preventing infections to protection, gem bottle does it all!

·      Make as much as Elixir as you want

How much can gem elixir a Tibetan bowl hold? Perhaps you should calculate the total elixir you can make at once with a bowl!

With a crystal water bottle, you can fill and store your gem elixir as many times as you want because AtPerrys crystal bottles are made from authentic gems. So, all you have to do is set your intention and fill the water.

·      Carry it Wherever you go

How often can you carry giant crystals with points with you? With a crystal water bottle, portability is the key. You can take it anywhere and drink your gem tonic any time!

·      Cheaper when you count Long Run

Adding all the energy, time and money you saved, a crystal water bottle is a dedicated device for your elixir. It’s a smart buy that lasts long. You can even gift it to a loved one to protect them metaphysically!

How to Use a Crystal Water Bottle?

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Do you know how to convert plain water into magical elixir? Who are we kidding, there’s no Second Jesus.

How do we make the miracle happen?

With your chakra energy, it is hard to make do in this lifetime, but with a little help from gemstones, you can use a water bottle to make as much as elixir as you want.

  1. Wash your water bottle.
  2. If you have a clear quartz, make three circles over the crystal water bottle with it.
  3. Fill clean drinking water until the neck of the bottle.
  4. Shake it while chanting your affirmation.
  5. Leave it be for seven minutes to seven hours.
  6. Your crystal elixir is ready.

Find out how to make your crystal elixir without the gem water bottle by reading the complete post.

13 Ways to Make Gem Elixir With Crystal Water Bottle

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It takes literally no time to make a gem elixir when you have a portable crystal water bottle with you. Made for detox of mind and body, crystal water bottle is a contemporary device to create gem infusions quickly and easily without much knowledge about crystals.

1.    Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle

Crystal Healing Water Bottle

Fancy this crown chakra crystal in a clear water bottle to track your gem elixir. It will help you detox your body and mind quickly!

2.    Crystal Water Bottle Rose Quartz

Crystal Healing Water Bottle

The shortcut to find your true love and beauty rose quartz crystal bottle can create an elixir for drinking and facewash too.

Can you imagine the glow you will have once the heart chakra energies enter your chakra stream?

3.    Crystal Obsidian Water Bottle

Crystal Healing Water Bottle

A grounding crystal that stabilizes you, black obsidian when infused, creates an elixir that works like a talisman. It protects you from negativity and evil forces when you wear it on the hip. Every tried it?

White and black tourmaline crystal in this water bottle is made for sacral and root chakra. It will increase your stamina, energy, and enthusiasm, besides keeping you balanced throughout the day when you drink water from this crystal bottle!

4.    Clear Quartz Water Bottle

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The ultimate purification stone that can absorb the negativity away from your body, clear quartz bottles are a steal. It goes deep inside to quickly recharge your chakras too. Next time you’re bathing, drop a few cups of clear quartz elixir for a super-cleanse.

5.    Gemstone Fluorite Water Bottle

Crystal Healing Water Bottle

Embedding the rainbow colors, this fluorite water bottle can cite different chakras at once. All you need to do is set your intention while placing the bottle against the chakra you want to activate. Afterward, drink the elixir while visualizing your chakra powering up.


6. Smoky Quartz Crystal Water Bottle

Crystal Healing Water Bottle

For those of in agony from confusions and hefty responsibilities, take a long breath and drink gem elixir made from smoky quartz. It will open both your third eye and crown chakras INSTANTLY!



7. Citrine Bottle for Water

Crystal Healing Water Bottle

Manifestation stone often referred to as the stone for the wise, citrine water bottle can make gem tonic that can make you smart in seconds!

As citrine contains solar plexus, sacral and third eye chakra, it can make you spiritually powerful. Drink the citrine elixir after waking up for a wonderful day!

Before you go …

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Water is life.

Gem is magic.

So, what is gem water?

It’s the magic of life.

We may call it tonic, elixir or a thousand other fancy words, but the truth remains clear that crystal water bottles are powerful. They contain powerful crystal energies that are otherwise hard to enter the chakra points precisely.

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