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Crystal Water Bottle ?

What is a Crystal Elixir Water Bottle?

Drinking from a crystal infused water bottle is one of the easiest ways of integrating the healing energy of crystals into our body on a cellular and vibrational level. A crystal water bottle uses the energy of a specific crystal and transfers it into the water in the bottle. This energy-charged water then has the ability to improve the physical and spiritual well-being of whoever is drinking it. It has the power to stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions, foster tranquility, support healthy and radiant skin, and generate positivity and intentional living. In short, gem water bottles combine the benefits of water with the natural healing properties of crystals to create an efficient tool for enhancing your well-being.

What Makes a Crystal Water Bottle So Unique?

Unlike regular water bottles, using a crystal water bottle combines hydration with natural healing properties from the crystals. This not only is beneficial to your mind and body, but also to the environment because it reduces the use of plastic water bottles. Using a gemstone water bottle has the ability to enhance the functions of the mind and body each day, and can be taken to the gym, to work, to school, etc.

The unique healing properties of each crystal can cater to the needs of your mind, body and spirit depending on what it needs. In other words, drinking from a crystal infused water bottle can promote self-love, balance, clarity, etc. depending on the crystal you choose and the intentions you set. These gem water bottles come with a crystal of choice that can detach and be swapped out with other crystals. Every water bottle with crystal inside is a different kind of healing.  This makes the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing process easily accessible for everyone wherever they go.


The Science Behind Crystal Water Bottles

Restore Your Body’s Natural Mechanism with a Crystal Water Bottle

Our body has an amazing capacity to heal itself automatically each day. But we often don’t think of engaging our healing capacity when we are sick. We just assume it failed us and we turn to overthecounter drugs to combat the disease such as taking pain medications for lower back pain and leg pain. What most people don’t know is that medications create immediate or artificial pain relief, but does not resolve the underlying causes. Drugs do nothing but trigger our body to heal itselfa placebo effect of the immune system. And if medications are not managed wisely, it could result in unwanted symptoms caused by the side effects.

It is important to know that there is another way to approach health today, and that is to restore the body’s natural mechanism. It doesn’t need to be supercharged or ramped up, the body just needs time to work on its own. Crystals have an amazing ability to assist in this process, and their healing properties are a more natural way of restoring any imbalances in the body. Gem water bottles embody this ideology by combining the natural remedies in crystals and in water healing.


How Does Water Healing Work?

Water is the source of all life. 70% of the human body is comprised of water, and water covers a large amount of our planet. The structure of water is organized in a way where its molecules act as a computer. The molecules form clusters that interact with the environment and provide feedback based on those interactions. Scientist and professor, Rustom Roy, emphasizes the analogous relationship between computers and water as they both channel certain information and transport it.

 This idea can be directly related to the methodology behind water healing with crystals. By channeling certain intents into the crystal, that energy is transported into the water and can then be channeled inside of you.

 Japanese author and entrepreneur, Masaru Emoto, conducted an experiment on human consciousness and its effect on water. According to Mr. Emoto, Frequency + Intent = Healing. Mr. Emoto’s research shows that the molecular structure of the water can be affected by our consciousness, our intent, and our sounds. His research documented a phenomenon where the monks were able to purify polluted water by chanting.

The sound of prayer coupled with intention has restored water to its natural harmonious geometric symmetry. It has shown proof that sound combined with intent has the ability to affect and change the molecular structure of the water. This form of water healing shows therapeutic benefits for personal and planetary harmony.


Water and Crystals Tandem

Healing crystals give off an energy that can be used to heal the body. Crystal stones have a higher frequency than any minerals and its strong energy field is used for personal vibration. Water bottles containing pure natural crystals produce a crystal elixir. This crystal elixir water bottle encourages rejuvenation and clarification of both the body and mind, introducing purification and positivity in the everyday routine.

Maybe that’s why the best water in the world is spring water. Not just because it’s clean but also because it interacts with crystals.


crystal water bottle


The Mountain spring water is considered one of the healthiest waters on the planet because it’s “living water.” It is a living food in its raw, natural statethe way nature has intended.

When a crystal elixir water bottle is used, the vital energy in your body will be recharged with health and encouraging it to return to a whole and balanced state. Water healing has the ability to restore balance and heal the body physically, emotionally and spiritually by realigning the bodies energy systems called chakras. To learn more about chakras and their significance, check out this post on our site: Chakra colors and their meanings


Crystal Infused Water Bottle

Drinking Crystal Infused Water Bottle is one of the easiest ways of integrating the healing energy of crystals into our body on a cellular and vibrational level. A Water Healing has the ability to restore balance and heal the body physically, emotionally and spiritually by realigning the bodies energy systems called chakras. Choose your water bottle with a crystal inside. 

How to Use a Crystal Water Bottle?

Charge the crystals by meditating with it before using the gemstone water bottle. To do this, pick an intention for the crystal that you’ve chosen. Deeply focus on your intention while holding it. This way, the focused, intentional energy can be transferred into the crystal, and the crystalin turnwould transfer it into

the water.

For example, drink from a gemstone water bottle with rose quartz to remind yourself to practice self-love and encourage self-discovery. Hold the rose quartz and focus on the intention of loving and becoming more in tune with yourself. Your intention will work on developing your relationship with yourself in addition to helping you to be more present.


Common Crystals to Use and Their Properties:


  • Rose Quartz Crystal Water bottle: promotes self-love
  • Clear QuartzCrystal Water Bottle: offers balance and clarity. The clear quartz is commonly referred to as “the master healer,” making it a great crystal to start with if you are new to crystal healing.
  • Smoky Quartz Crystal  Water Bottle: aids in stress relief and has soothing properties
  • Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle: promotes awareness and can help with insomnia
  • Onyx Crystal Water Bottle: very grounding and works to absorb negative energy
  • Citrine Crystal Water Bottle: heightens confidence and happiness levels


There are many more crystals to choose from with a wide range of healing properties. You should take the time to learn more about which healing crystal works best for you in order to experience the healing you desire. However, some crystals are soluble in water and therefore should not be used in relation to water healing. Some water-soluble crystals include lapis lazuli, gypsum, turquoise, fluorite, pyrite, sodalite, malachite, and most other crystals that end with “ite.”


How to Cleanse and Recharge the Crystals inside your Crystal Water Bottle

  1. First, clear away all the negative energy of the crystal inside the Gem Water Bottles from the many hands that touched it before you.
  2. Run the crystal under clean water and then place it outside under the sun or moon for a few hours. You can also use a bowl of salt water to let them soak in overnight. The salt absorbs any negative energy and leaves the crystal free of external, unwanted energies. Just make sure to avoid doing this with crystals that are soluble in water as mentioned before!
  3. Then, light some sage or loose frankincense on charcoal and infuse the crystal in the sacred smoke to clear any lingering or stagnant energy in the crystal.
  4. Place it in a room with high-vibrational music playing.

The four simple steps process of water, sun or moon energy, sacred smoke, and music cleanses the crystals on a multi-vibrational level. 

After cleansing and charging the crystals, hold the stone in your hand and quietly think of your intention. Note when you feel sensations such as hot or cold, pulsations, or calmness and tranquility. These are all signs that this particular rock is charged and now the gem water bottle can be used at its full potential for water healing.


Synchronizing Your Moon Time with Crystals in a Crystal Water Bottle

Moon time is the woman's period of menstruation. In ancient times, it was expressed as a magical time because the period followed the full moon. The moon controlled the tides as well as the fluid and hormones of our bodies. In the modern world, with birth control and stress, many women’s cycles aren’t synched to the full moon anymore. With this, every woman’s period became different from the next.

Drinking from a crystal water bottle is one of the easiest ways for regulating your natural cycle. You can sync up certain stones to keep your time of the month regular.

For example, moonstone can help with fatigue and relieve PMS. In addition to moonstone, amethyst and larimar are great crystals to use as well.

Amethyst can reduce bloating and headaches, and larimar is helpful in relieving migraines and cramps. There are many other crystals that can be beneficial in this process as well.


Using crystal-infused water bottles can also help relieve some of the discomforts experienced during moon time such as headaches, emotional instability, irritability, sweet cravings, and a bloated belly. The negative connotation associated with menstrual periods could quickly transform into a positive celebration of your womanhood.


With everyday use, the crystal from the crystal water bottle and the owner will be synchronized making the menstrual period more natural with each month. The more you develop a relationship with your cycle and your hormonal, emotional, spiritual, and elevated energies that go along with it, the more in tune your body becomes.

Each month, you will receive a magical opportunity to naturally increase your senses and physic abilities. You would also be able to dream more vividly, reflect deeper, manifest your aspirations, and become more inspired in your life throughout the next month.

Take the opportunity to slow down, listen, nurture your monthly gift and embrace your cycle. Taking cues from these symptoms and connecting them to your inner wisdom will deepen your self-awareness and allow you to heal and address your relationship with your cycle.


Common Questions Regarding Crystal Water Bottles


How Do I Know When My Gems Need to Be Recharged?


If you have ever used crystals for their healing properties on their own, you would know that intuition plays a big role in knowing when they need to be cleaned and recharged. This answer can vary between individuals and the crystals used, as to how you use them and where you bring them plays a role. If you are using your crystal elixir water bottle often, then you should aim to cleanse them weekly or even daily if you get a lot of use out of it. Simply use one of the methods aforementioned in our article, and recharge it with your intent so that it is ready to use again at its full potential. Another great time to cleanse and recharge it during a full moon.


Can You Drink Anything Other Than Water Out of the Crystal Infused Water Bottle?


Going back to Mr. Emoto’s research on water and its natural molecular properties, water can be affected by our consciousness, our intent, and our soundsIt has also been found by measuring the surface tension of the water, that each crystal has varying but similar effects on the water as do water revitalization devices. In other words, crystal healing and water healing go together like peanut butter and jelly.


Our bodies are naturally made up of mostly water, as it’s essential to keep us from feeling fatigued, strengthening the immune system and heart function, and overall; keeping us alive. In other words, the natural healing properties as researched by Mr. Emoto paired with water’s ability to be affected by the moon and mineral infusion means that it is really the best option for reaping the benefits of a water bottle with a crystal inside.



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